Huawei 10000mAh Super Charge Power Bank


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Product Introduction
The AP09S is a 10,000 mAh power bank from Huawei that supports bi-directional fast charging. It has a lithium polymer battery, Multiple layers of safety protections, and is safe and reliable. Fashion business styled, aluminum body, feel fine.
Both of Input and output support Hisilicon FCP&SCP; it is compatible with 5 V/1 A or 5 V/2 A input and output)
It supports Type C input
It has a lithium ion polymer battery which is safe and reliable
Multiple layers of safety protections
It has a smart LED indicator lights which show the amount of charge and the fast charging status
It is simple to use – just plug it in and it works (it can automatically test the electrical load)
Fashion business styled, aluminum body.
The buttons are recessed to prevent them accidentally being pressed


Huawei 10000 mAh SuperCharge Power Bank
Product Code AP09S
UPC Code 6901443196944
Get a Day’s Use from 20 Minutes Charge

– 4.5 V 5 A 22.5 W SuperCharge input & output
– HiSilicon Super Charge Protocol
– Lithium polymer battery
– Sleek metal body
– 1 x USB Type-C input, 1 x USB Type-A output

HUAWEI SuperCharge Technology
World’s fastest charging technology: Super fast, Super cool, Super smart & Super safe
SuperCharge Output
4.5 V 5 A 22.5 W, SuperCharge output: 30-minute charge, 11 hours of video

SuperCharge Input
4.5 V 5 A 22.5 W, SuperCharge input: Fully recharge your power bank in a film’s time
Good Compatibility
Compatible with SuperCharge, Quick charge & Conventional charge smartphones
Large Capacity Battery
10,000 mAh large capacity & high quality lithium-ion battery for extra power backup
Business Styled Design
Simple, slim & stylish design with premium sleek aluminum finish for easy portability
Detailed Ports Information
1 x USB Type-C input (4.5 V 5 A / 5 V 4.5 A / 9 V 2 A / 5 V 2 A / 5 V 1 A),
1 x USB Type-A output (4.5 V 5 A / 5 V 4.5 A / 9 V 2 A / 5 V 2 A / 5 V 1 A)
5 A USB-C Cable Included

Original 5 A USB Type-C cable included for
SuperCharge power supply & high-speed data transmission


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