What is a Dash-Cam

A Dash Cam is a recording device that provides clear, visual evidence in the case of insurance disputes or false accusations after an unfortunate incident. 

A quality Dash Cam is a good investment in both safety and peace of mind. A Dash Cam is a surveillance-oriented video recorder that is mounted on a vehicle windscreen facing out to the road. It records the events going on around your car onto a Micro SD Card and stores video evidence should incidents occur involving you. 

Dash Cams automatically power up and record when you turn your engine on and automatically turn off and stop recording when you turn your engine off. Dash Cams are powered through an accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) via a power cord. Premium Dash Cams can even continue recording while you are parked and away from your vehicle to catch vandals, hit and run offenders and can monitor your garage/property. This parked recording feature is enabled by hard wiring your Dash Cam to your car battery.

Benefits of Installing a Dash Cam

1.      Provides irrefutable video evidence in the event of a road incident – false accusations can be disputed

2.      Can save money on paying insurance excess if an incident wasn’t your fault + maintain your no claim history

3.      Provides protection and evidence from hit and run incidents, car theft and malicious damage

4.      Some models provide GPS location tracking and vehicle speed

5.      Reduce the time to settle a claim by an insurance company or court

6.      Change driving behavior and protect our roads – hoon/dangerous drivers are becoming increasingly aware that their behavior could be recorded

7.      Employers can monitor and ensure employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles

8.      Easy to install and easy to use

Insurance Premiums

There is huge potential for insurance companies to cooperate with the public and deduct insurance premiums for Dash Cam use, as Dash Cams help to identify the at-fault party. If an incident occurs, having a Dash Cam installed can ensure that every detail, like speed of your vehicle, the angle of the crash, and surrounding driving conditions will be available. With this information, insurance companies can investigate the cause and fault of the incident more efficiently and timely. This could lower the cost of premiums and reduce the time it takes to settle claims. Providing video evidence of an incident that was not your fault can assist in protecting your no claim history.

Protect Yourself

Dash Cams help safe drivers protect themselves from false accusations in road incidents. We understand that no matter how careful you drive, if other drivers are not paying attention, you can easily end up in an accident. You may be unfairly put at fault by an insurance company depending on the situation. With the Dash Cams we supply, safe drivers can record the entire incident scene and ensure the correct party takes the responsibility.

What we offer

GNSell provides state of the art Dash Cams capable of taking videos in front of the car, at the back of the car using rear-facing cameras mounted on the rear number plate, as well as inside the car using Dual Camera DVR (Digital Video Recorder). We have a variety of cameras to choose from including Dash Cams with rechargeable batteries and WIFI capable DVR’s which can sync data to the cloud.

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